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Allec McGuire

SeaLight Spirituality helps people spiritually and religiously through divination and other services. These other services include teaching classes, creating articles, direct spiritual guidance, and interfaith work. The person behind the business is Allec, who is a priest-in-training for Manannán mac Lir. Allec is a queer person who uses xe/they pronouns. Xe has been studying polytheism, paganism, and divination for almost fifteen years. Xe considers everything xe does under SeaLight Spirituality to be work done as devotional work for the god Manannán. While Allec specializes in services related to spirituality and religion, xe also works with people who have secular needs such as using divination for career advice for individuals or participating on interfaith panels for businesses. When people interact with Allec, they often comment on how warm and welcoming Allec is with them. Please check out the link to get in contact with xem.