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Q: I’ve never done any sort of spells to help with personal goals. I’ve heard of things like “Crown of Glory” and other stuff for success but I don’t know where to begin. Can you help?

A: There are a number of different ways to incorporate magic to achieve personal goals.

The first rule to remember with ANY magical work is that it doesn’t take the place of steps and actions in the mundane world. Just like you can’t do spells to win the lottery and then not buy a ticket, you can’t expect magic to do all the work and just plop the results in your lap! You can do all the employment spells and money magic in the world but until you actually get out there and look for work and try applying, chances are slim to none of your magic hitting its mark.

So use success and goal magic to enhance your actions and give things a little push as you continue to focus on things in your day to day life.

One of my favorite magical workings to help achieve goals is based on a spell out of Dorothy Morrison’s book, Everyday Magic.

First, you’ll need a flower pot, potting soil, and some seeds–choose a plant related to whatever goal you want to achieve. Write out your goal or petition on a piece of paper and place it in the soil in the flower pot. Plant the seeds above it. Be sure to water them and care for them as they sprout and grow. As the plant flourishes and/or blooms, it helps bring your goal to fruition!

By writing out your goal you are also stating to the Universe that that is something you want to manifest.

Other things you can do include putting your intentions into a piece of citrine or pyrite and carrying it with you to promote success.

Working with St. Expedite or Ganesha to speed results and remove obstacles can also be helpful, just remember to give thanks and stick to any promises you make once you get the results.

For more difficult or seemingly impossible goals, you can work with St. Jude, patron saint of impossible causes. Don’t forget to publicly thank him once he has helped bring you success!

Wearing Crown of Glory or Crown of Success oil and dressing candles with it will also give things a boost!

Just remember, no matter that magic you choose to do, make sure you follow it up with good, old-fashioned hard work!

Originally posted on AskPolaris blog – updated March 2022


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