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Welcome to Part 1 of the new Q & A series! The Q & A posts will cover several questions and will touch on a variety of topics. As always, if there is a question or topic that you’d like to see answered here, feel free to send it my way!

Q: Can you practice magic or witchcraft if you’re a Christian?

A: Yes! I personally know several people who follow the Christian religion yet also practice magic (and are quite skilled at it, too!) so it is definitely doable. Some call themselves “Christian witches” or “Christo-pagans,” and some don’t really label it as anything at all. There are many different Christian-based systems of magic and mysticism, and the Bible itself is a very magical tome.

Q: Do you have to use incense when you do spells?

A: Not necessarily, but I prefer to, personally. Smoke is said to carry your prayers and wishes out into the Universe and is a very ancient practice. Also, scents are a powerful trigger and sometimes just by lighting incense your mind can shift into spell-mode. It helps create an ambiance of magic and sets the mood which can help enhance your focus. If you can’t use incense because of the smoke, scented wax melts can also help add a touch of magical fragrance to your working area. But no, there’s no hard-set rules that says incense is a requirement!

Q: Can I use magic, stones, or energy healing instead of a doctor or instead of medication?

A: No. No, no, no. NO! Magic is not a substitute for doctors or science. Rather, they work hand in hand–one can enhance the other. But please, do not think that anything magical or spiritual can be used as a replacement for a doctor’s visit or taking your prescribed medication. If any healer or spiritual practitioner tells you otherwise, or makes promises like “my reiki/magic/products will get you off your meds,” PLEASE turn around and walk away. Better yet, RUN. A good spiritual healer or advisor will try to work in tandem with your doctor, not make themselves a substitute for them. That is a dangerously slippery slope that you do not want to tread down.

Q: Can I use a Tarot deck that I bought for myself or does it have to be given to me as a gift to work?

A: This is a common myth that I have heard a lot. I don’t know where this idea came from, but it is most certainly not true. You absolutely can buy yourself a deck and it will work just as well as one that is given as a gift. In fact, it may work even better because you actually picked it out for yourself (presumably because you liked it) and therefore you are already forming a connection to it. Unless you give someone a list, how would they know what deck will work best for you? By all means, go out and buy yourself all the Tarot decks your heart desires!

Originally posted on Ask Polaris March 21, 2018 – updated March 2022


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