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Welcome to Part 2 of the Ask Alex Q & A series! The Q & A posts will cover several shorter questions and will touch on a variety of topics. If there is a question or topic that you’d like to see answered here, feel free to send it in!

Q: Do I have to join a coven or be initiated to be a REAL witch?

A: Absolutely not! Some people find joining a coven or tradition to be an important part of their spiritual journey, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Solitary witches and Wiccans are just as real and valid in their beliefs and practices as ones who have been initiated. The important thing to keep in mind though is that if you aren’t part of a coven or initiated into a tradition, then don’t ever make claims that you are. Solitary or not, a REAL witch never claims to be something they aren’t!

Q: Can I mix gods from different pantheons in the same spell?

A: The broad answer would be yes…possibly. However, this is a somewhat complex subject and before you mix deities, you should do research on them and the cultures that they come from. Did the people of the different cultures get along? Are there shared myths? These are just a couple of the many things that you need to take into account before mixing pantheons. You should also never treat the Gods and Goddesses like a “mix ‘n match buffet,” but rather form a working relationship with them. Then, the polite thing to do would be to ask them if they would like to work together before just calling them in and hoping for the best.

Q: Does a bigger candle bring you better results?

A: Not necessarily. Sometimes a larger candle is useful when you are doing a spell over a longer period of time, but your focus and intention is what really makes your magic most effective. With the right amount of energy, you can achieve the same results with a birthday candle or chime candle that you can with a larger pillar, taper, or 7-day jar candle.

Q: Do I have to use real coffee for cleansing or could I use a coffee scented candle or soap?

A: While they may smell good, the actual coffee itself is what is cleansing, not simply the fragrance. Some “coffee cleansing” products out there do have added scent to increase the pleasantness and fragrance appeal, but in order for the product to do any energetic cleansing, it would need to contain either actual brewed coffee, genuine coffee extract, or coffee grounds to be effective on a spiritual level. Without that, it’s simply a nice yet non-magical scented candle or soap.

Q: Can someone who practices witchcraft work with angels?

A: Yes, absolutely. Angelic beings tend to play well with almost all spiritual beliefs and practices. Almost every culture has angels or mythical beings that are very similar to angels. In my experience, angels transcend most cultural or spiritual differences and will work with any person who calls out to them.

Originally posted on Ask Polaris June 29, 2018 – updated March 2022


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